White text on a black background that reads ‘Do the work’
From the Upfront course presentation I attended this week — ‘do the work’

What happened this week?

A baby’s play mat, covered in colourful animal pictures, toys and an ABC book
I’ve been at home with family these two weeks, so here’s an image to sum up that.

Sunshine falls across a grey concrete station platform, casting strange shadows
A sunny morning on the DLR to Woolwich Arsenal

What I did

  • Wrote a conversation guide for some research interviews with colleagues on the intranet project. I also got some great feedback…

A muddy track winds through a vivid green woodland full of bluebells
In the absence of any photos of Royal Greenwich this week, a nice photo of some bluebells

What I did

Finished some intranet research, started some more

Eleanor Dean

Senior content designer at the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Formerly at NCVO, the BMA and Refugee Action.

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